Our Step-by-Step Admissions Process

Step 1: Consultation

Parents, please complete the form below to receive detailed advice on choosing a suitable educational program and the admission process. In case you want to register as a group, we are available for group consultation. Please notify us so we can arrange and serve you most wholeheartedly.

The admission form (please see below this step for the standard form) can be filled out in advance and sent by email to enquiry@sedbergh.edu.vn, or our staff will assist in filling it out during the consultation process.

Step 2: Take the entrance examination and accept the admission requirement

Admissions staff will arrange and schedule an entrance examination for your children after completing the admission form and advising on appropriate study programs.

Our school may ask you to provide transcripts from previous school years, transcripts or related documents before and during the entrance examination process. Sedbergh Vietnam’s test includes English, Math and Literature.

Students and families may be required to meet and discuss directly with the School Board before final evaluation results are available. When receiving feedback from the Leadership team about the entrance test, replica hublot watches the Admissions staff will contact the family to get specific instructions for the next steps or further advice if necessary.

Placements will depend on class status at the actual time. Therefore, the school hopes that parents will complete and prepare all necessary documents early in case they have to put their admission request on the waiting list.

Step 3: Enrollment

When receiving admission approval, parents should prepare the following documents to supplement their child’s admission profile:

Our required documents

Health Certification
Copy of vaccination certificate (for Preschool)
Copy of birth certificate (excerpt), or Notarized translation of birth certificate (if foreigners)
Copy of parent’s ID card for grade levels from preschool to grade 8 and student identification code
Copy of student’s CCCD for grades 9 to 12
Original School Transcript
Certificate of completion of the Primary school program (for admission to Middle School)
Middle School Diploma, or Temporary Middle School Graduation Certificate (for admission to High School)
School transfer recommendation letter (for students transferring schools), except for students in early grades (in grades 1, 6 and 10)

Full payment of tuition fees (in Vietnamese Dong – cash payment or bank transfer). The school will make class placement and notify parents of the official admission date.

Interested parents please leave their information in the form below or fill out the STANDARD ADMISSION FORM. After completing the admission form, parents please email enquiry@sedbergh.edu.vn. If you have any questions about enrollment, please contact the hotline directly: 0773.990.990

Admission Department’s Roles

Role 1: Information and Guidance
We are your first point of contact, providing vital information on admission requirements and deadlines. Our dedicated team is here to address your questions and concerns, guiding you through the admission process with clarity and confidence.

Role 2: Application Assistance
Completing applications can be a daunting task, but we’ve got your back. We offer hands-on assistance to ensure that all required materials are submitted accurately and on time. Plus, we share valuable tips to help you showcase your strengths through tests and interviews.

Role 3: Campus Tours and Orientation
Our campus is where your educational journey begins, and we take great pride in introducing you to it. Through engaging campus tours and insightful orientations, we empower you to become familiar with our facilities, programs, and welcoming culture.

Role 4: Financial Aid and Scholarships
We are committed to breaking down financial barriers to education. Our admissions department works tirelessly to identify and award scholarships and financial aid opportunities to deserving students. We recognize that talent comes in many forms. Our admissions team actively seeks out applicants who show promise in academics, arts, sports, leadership, and various other fields. We understand that these young talents are the seeds of future success, and we are committed to providing them with the opportunities and resources they need to flourish

Role 5: Communication and Follow-Up
Communication is key to a smooth enrollment process. We maintain open lines of communication to keep you informed about your application’s status and any additional requirements. Our dedicated follow-up ensures all your concerns are addressed promptly.

Frequently asked questions

Tuition & Other Fee

Details of tuition and other related fees

Bus & Meal Services

Parents can refer to the fee schedule for pick-up and lunch services at school here