Our Alumni – our proud

Film screenwriter and talented director

Simon Beaufoy

He received an Academy Award for the screenplay of The Full Monty (1997). He went on to win an Academy Award in 2009 for Best Adapted Screenplay for the film Slumdog Millionaire, as well as winning a Golden Globe and BAFTA award that same year.

685th Mayor of London (2012-2013)

Sir Michael Roger Gifford

He was educated at Sedbergh School before going up to Trinity College, Oxford, graduating with an MA degree in Chemistry. Gifford was the UK head of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) from 2000 and was also a Patron of the financial and enterprise education charity “MyBnk”.

Baron of Cornhill

Thomas Bingham

Thomas Bingham was educated at Sedbergh. He was a British Judge who served as Master of the Rolls, Lord Chief Justice and Senior Law Lord. He was recognised as the greatest judge and lawyer of his generation and was a generous supporter of the school.

One of the founders of modern geology

Adam Sedgwick

Adam Sedgwick was a British geologist and Anglican priest, one of the founders of modern geology. He proposed the Cambrian and Devonian period of the geological timescale. He was educated at Sedbergh School and Trinity College, Cambridge. Though he had guided the young Charles Darwin in his early study of geology and continued to be on friendly terms, Sedgwick was an opponent of Darwin’s theory of evolution by means of natural selection.

Professor of Mathematics at the Naval School

James Inman

Professor of Mathematics at the Naval College, Portsmouth and wrote a number of technical treatises including Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, which became standard texts for maritime navigation in nearly 200 years.

Captain of the England rugby team

Will Carling

He was the captain of the England rugby team (1988-1996). He played for Rosslyn Park and Harlequins, and had a long career with England. He had 72 caps for the team from 1988 to 1996 and served as team captain 59 times.

English physician, plant collector, philanthropist and Quaker

John Fothergill FRS

John Fothergill FRS (Fellow of the Royal Society) was an English physician, plant collector, philanthropist and Quaker. His medical writings were influential, and he built up a sizable botanic garden in what is now West Ham Park in London. After studying at Sedbergh School, Fothergill was apprenticed to an apothecary. In 1736, he obtained the degree of Doctor of Medicine at Edinburgh and followed this by further studies at St Thomas’s Hospital, London. After visiting continental Europe in 1740, he settled in London, where he gained an extensive practice. During the influenza epidemics of 1775 and 1776 he is said to have treated 60 patients a day.

Women’s rugby player

Abbie Scott

She is currently playing for Harlequin Ladies and England. During the 2018 Quilter Internationals, she earned the captaincy for the first time when she led the team to a 57-5 victory over the United States.



“Our daughters really appreciated the sports and entertainment activities in the afternoon, especially the more exotic things like fly fishing, cricket, rugby, archery and cheerleading.”


“It is so nice to see what a difference two weeks made and to get back a happy and proud kid.”


“Thank you again for your commitment towards your pupils, for making my son’s first abroad experience such a positive one and certainly for a well organized program with many learning opportunities. I believe my son learned essential lessons about self-awareness and interpersonal skills which would have accelerated my own development tremendously if only someone had shared it with me at such a young age.”


“Thanks to you and all the staff of the school, our children had a wonderful and interesting time and progressed well in their English. You spared no effort and time to ensure that they did not need anything and got the maximum pleasure and benefits from being at your wonderful school.”


“I learned a lot and I met a lot of nice and kind people so I’m very, very happy!”


“The experience in Sedbergh was fantastic! Thank you for these two magnificent weeks.”


“I love my experience at Sedbergh ISS. The staff members were so friendly. Thank you for this amazing experience with the Sedbergh family. I want to come next summer!”