Athletics Activities

The Sedbergh Vietnam Athletics Program is built on the belief that teamwork affords valuable life lessons critical to character education. Through sport, we are committed to teaching athletic skills, so later in life students have the confidence and desire to be active, exercise, website and play recreational sports. Sedbergh Vietnam students have the opportunity to play many sports. Sedbergh Vietnam is fielding 41 Athletic Teams, which includes students from ages 7-18 in varied sports including, but not limited to, Badminton, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, and Volleyball.

The Athletics Program of the Sedbergh Vietnam believes that being part of a team and playing sports puts character into action and allows for so many of life’s lessons to be learned. Through sport, we are committed to teaching students athletic things, so later in life they have the confidence and desire to be active, exercise, and play recreational sports. The students of CISS have the opportunity to play as many sports as possible because the skills and lessons learned are transferable, not only from sport to sport, but from sport to everyday life.

We provide this generation of students with the most talented teachers and coaches in their fields.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities help practice soft skills, students can play and study at the same time, thereby gaining diverse perspectives on the life around them.

School field trip activities

Annual field trips will help students have the opportunity to better understand the life around them. Students will have valuable perspectives and experiences that schools cannot specifically convey to them. These trips are an opportunity for students to apply the knowledge they have learned in class to real-life situations. They will be trained in self-discipline, coordination, solidarity, and healthy competition throughout the trip.

Field trip to the “Steel Land” Cu Chi by Sedbergh Vietnam students

The trip was filled with memorable moments, thanks to the cozy atmosphere around the campfire and the game stations set in diverse terrains, such as fields and lakes. By preparing together for group activities and deciphering the principles to overcome challenges at the game stations, Sedbergh Vietnam students not only explored their strengths, but also fostered connections with those around them.

Field trip to the Madagui by Sedbergh Vietnam students

Activities to guide learning and career paths

These activities are organized regularly in coordination with the school and prestigious organizations across the country and globally. They are intended to help students have a clearer view of their dreams, orientation in their university studies and future career choices.

Extracurricular activities practice soft skills

Includes activities that require coordination and flexibility such as communication skills, handling situations, cooking, choosing decoration styles…