International Summer
Exchange program


For over a decade, Sedbergh International Summer School has been attracting international pupils from around the globe.

Accredited by the British Council, we provide a unique summer experience for pupils between the ages of 8 and 17, enabling them to improve their language skills whilst making connections with other pupils from around the world.

We were delighted to welcome pupils back to Sedbergh. It was a joy to watch friendships develop as they navigated their way through their chosen programmes, communicating, collaborating and developing in confidence as they made the most of the vast array of opportunities available to them.

Our mission is to ensure each pupil is encouraged to realise their full potential, exploring the limits of their ability whilst learning to thrive outside their own comfort zone. Our dedicated team is committed to providing our pupils with a rich educational experience within an environment that encourages them to flourish, develop existing talents, discover new passions and make life-long friendships in a safe, supportive environment.

As part of the Sedbergh School family, we are proud to boast a reputation that reflects almost 500 years of tradition and heritage. We hope that you enjoy learning more about our Summer School!

Kirsten Bentley
Course Director



SPIRIT and Sedbergh’s Thread of GOLD form the backbone to the Sedbergh International Summer School programme. Enabling children to develop positive attitudes and behaviour is vitally important to us and the values and behaviours inspired by The Sedbergh SPIRIT and the Thread of GOLD are at the heart of all we do. Values that include:

Self-motivation – a pupil who works hard, is enthusiastic about what they do, active in lessons, activities and in the house.

Perseverance – a pupil who tries their best, even when the task ahead is difficult.

Independence – a pupil who is self-reliant and understands the importance of ‘doing the right thing’ at all times.

Responsibility – a pupil that understands how to behave – for example, be on time, be kind and polite to others, and try their best. If they can follow these rules, or see the importance of them, they are being responsible.

Imagination – a pupil that can think of new and different ways of doing things and can use this to be creative.

Teamwork – a pupil that demonstrates respect and empathy towards the wider group, working effectively towards a common goal.

We aim to create a unique environment for the development of our young people and believe that children best develop skills and attitudes when they are inspired. With fun and enjoyment at the very heart of delivery, pupils are supported throughout their stay as they develop the behaviours inspired by GOLD, namely:


British Council accredited
Multicultural learning experience over 5 weeks
Owned and operated by Sedbergh School
Minimum of 15 hours of formal English tuition per week
Extensive activities programme
Specialist programmes including: Leadership & International Relations Academy (LIRA)
2 full day excursions per week
24/7 pastoral care in a safe environment


At Sedbergh, we value the importance of community engagement. As a junior you will have the opportunity to visit the surrounding towns and villages to complete class projects. Regular conversation with the local British people will help to develop your spoken English.

Senior pupils are encouraged to develop their independent learning and research skills. Staff guide older pupils through a combination of individual and group-based projects, many of which require engagement with our local and wider community.


Designed to enhance our pupils’ learning further, we offer a course choice to suit all requirements. Run by our dedicated team of specialist staff, pupils can tailor their summer school experience to reflect their own specific interests. Each course runs for a period of one week with pupils selecting their chosen option during the registration process. We encourage pupils to participate in a different academy each week in order to provide a more rounded experience.


“Our daughters really appreciated the sports and entertainment activities in the afternoon, especially the more exotic things like fly fishing, cricket, rugby, archery and cheerleading.”


“It is so nice to see what a difference two weeks made and to get back a happy and proud kid.”


“Thank you again for your commitment towards your pupils, for making my son’s first abroad experience such a positive one and certainly for a well organised program with many learning opportunities. I believe my son learned essential lessons about self-awareness and interpersonal skills which would have accelerated my own development tremendously if only someone had shared it with me at such a young age.”


“Thanks to you and all the staff of the school, our children had a wonderful and interesting time and progressed well in their English. You spared no effort and time to ensure that they did not need anything and got the maximum pleasure and benefits from being at your wonderful school.”


“I learned a lot and I met a lot of nice and kind people so I’m very, very happy!”


“The experience in Sedbergh was fantastic! Thank you for these two magnificent weeks.”


“I love my experience at Sedbergh ISS. The staff members were so friendly. Thank you for this amazing experience with the Sedbergh family. I want to come next summer!”