House System

The House system is a long-standing tradition in British schools, contributing significantly to the holistic development of students and fostering a sense of community, camaraderie, and healthy competition. Rooted in the rich history of a Sedbergh education, this system has evolved over centuries, becoming a cornerstone of school culture and identity.

Completely new 6-house system, inherited from 500 years of British heritage


One of the primary advantages of the House system is its ability to create a sense of belonging and camaraderie among students. Schools are often large institutions, and students can easily feel lost in the crowd. The House system provides a smaller, more intimate community within the larger school environment, allowing students to form close bonds with their peers. This sense of belonging is crucial for emotional well-being and can positively impact a student’s overall experience during their formative years.

At Sedbergh Vietnam, our House system promotes a healthy spirit of competition. Each House competes in various inter-house competitions, ranging from academic achievements to sports, arts, and even community service. This friendly rivalry encourages students to push themselves to excel, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

It also teaches important life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship. Students learn to work collaboratively towards common goals, and the House system provides them with numerous opportunities to showcase their talents and abilities. It also plays a vital role in developing leadership skills among students. Each House will have its own set of leaders, including a Head of House and House Captains, who are responsible for guiding and representing their respective Houses.

These leadership roles provide students with real-world experiences in decision-making, communication, and organisation. Serving as House leaders allows students to develop a sense of responsibility and accountability, skills that are invaluable in their future endeavours

Our House system serves as a platform for recognising and celebrating individual achievements. Students are not only competing for their House but also for personal excellence. Whether it’s earning points through academic achievements, winning a sports competition, or excelling in the arts, our House system allows students to be acknowledged for their unique talents. This recognition boosts their confidence and motivates them to continue striving for excellence in various aspects of their lives.

Beyond the internal dynamics of the school, the House system often extends its influence into the broader community. community service and outreach programs will form part of our House competitions, fostering a sense of social responsibility, encouraging students to give back to the community and instilling the importance of making a positive impact on the world around them.

Our House system is not just a tradition; it is a fundamental aspect of the educational experience that contributes significantly to the personal and academic development of our students. By developing a sense of community, encouraging healthy competition, promoting leadership skills, recognising individual achievements, and instilling a sense of social responsibility, our House system prepares students for the challenges of the real world and shapes them into well-rounded global citizens.

As we transition from BCIS to Sedbergh Vietnam, our links to Sedbergh UK are important, and as such we have decided to relaunch our current Houses, with new identities, named after the Houses at our sister school.

Each House will have its own unique identity and dedicated staff members who will support and guide students throughout their time at Sedbergh Vietnam. Students will be assigned to one of the new Houses, with siblings being in the same house, in order to further develop the spirit of community and family that they represent.

From August, all students will be placed in one of our 6 new houses. We encourage parents to also be part of their child’s house, and join in with House events and wear your house colours with pride! Full details of our new ‘Friends of Sedbergh’ parents committee will be with you soon, providing many opportunities for the whole of the wolf family to learn, compete and celebrate together.

We are excited about launching this in the new academic year and look forward to celebrating with you.


Many clubs were founded and led by students themselves to help the community such as: Habitat for Humanity (Project to support housing), Anti – Bullying Project (Project against school violence) , Model United Nation (MUN). Participating in these activities will help children develop a sense of social responsibility, thereby developing the skills needed as a global citizen to contribute to the community.

Twice a week, SSV students participate in after-school clubs. Clubs are organized in many fields: sports, academics, arts to develop students’ diverse talents and interests.

The Primary & Junior Club Program is team based and exposes the students to a wide range of athletic, academic, and artistic activities. The Intermediate & Senior Club Program offers more specialized clubs run over a longer period of time such as game-based learning, creative coding, photography, culinary, and the yearbook.

Primary / Junior Clubs


For the past 4 years our Primary/Junior Clubs Program has operated on a team-based format and this will continue into the 2019-2020 school year. With a team-based club program, all of our Primary/Junior students are part of a team! There are so many life skills that can be learned from being part of a team and it is also a great way to build character. Character Education is an integral part of the SSV Curriculum from Kindergarten through to Grade 12.

Intermediate / Senior Clubs


Our Intermediate/Senior Clubs Program continues to thrive and last year we were able to offer a wide range of Clubs that catered to the interests of all students. The Student-Led, Sport-Based Clubs were a huge hit for all the students and we will expand upon this success this year as we strive to give our students as many opportunities as possible to be active. GIN (Global Issues Network) Clubs also continue to be an integral part of the Intermediate/Senior program in addition to the many other endeavours that our teachers prepare.


Over 40 clubs operate every Tuesday and Thursday. The list of school clubs divided by grade level is as follows:

Grade 1: Junior Clubs

Drawing Club
Go Noodle Workout Club
Puzzle Club
Public Speaking Club

Grade 2-3: Junior Clubs

Dance/Yoga Club
Chess Club
Craft Club
Origami & Clay Club
Chess Puzzles Club
English Movies Club
3D Drawing and Block Letters Club
Lego Club

Grade 4-5: Junior Clubs

Badminton Club
Chess Club
Cross Stitching Club
Creative with Minecraft Club
Creative Art Club
Vietnamese Cursive Writing Club
Storytelling Club
MC/Public Speaking Club
Reading Books Club
Clubs for Grade 1-5 will run for 12 weeks, teachers will proactively arrange and change clubs for students (from small houses) every weeks.

Grade 6-8: Intermediate/Senior Clubs

Beginner Chess ClubSoccer Club
Soccer ClubMindmap Club
Mindmap ClubKangaroo Maths Club
Kangaroo Maths ClubRubik Club
Rubik ClubBeading Club
Beading ClubKangaroo Maths Club
Kangaroo Maths ClubModel United Nations Club
Model United Nations ClubDocumentary Club
Documentary ClubBadminton Club
Badminton ClubDrawing (pencil) Club
Intercultural Unity and Design ClubHabitat for Humanities Club
Habitat for Humanities ClubReading Club
Colouring ClubRecycling Club
Film Animation/Cartoon ClubMindmap Club
Mindmap ClubCraft and Decoration Club
Mindmap ClubOrigami Club
Craft and Decoration ClubReading books Club
Origami ClubPodcast Club
Podcast Club
Social Emotional Learning Club

Grade 9-12: Intermediate/Senior Clubs

Character Design ClubCharacter Design Club
Model United Nations ClubModel United Nations Club
Basketball ClubBasketball Club
Board Games ClubBoard Games Club
Yearbook ClubYearbook Club
Drawing ClubDrawing Club
Kangaroo Maths Club 9-10Kangaroo Maths Club 11-12
Painting Club 9-10Painting club Club 11-12
An introduction to Rugby ClubAn introduction to Rugby Club
Mindfulness ClubSocial Emotional Learning Club 9-12
Tiktok dance classAnimated Movies Club
Badminton ClubMovies Club
SSV Football Team 6-7SSV Football Team 10-12
Recycling club 10-12Mindmap Club
Recycling Club 7-9
Clubs for Grade 1-12 will run for 12 weeks, students can actively choose to join the club they like.

Arts & Culture

An environment that honors art and good cultural values