Cultural and artistic activities at Sedbergh Vietnam – BCIS aim to honor eternal spiritual values, nurture the spirit of creativity, replica rolex cellini and love of beauty. At the same time, create playgrounds to increase the connection between students here.


Sedbergh Vietnam Choir is a school choir that provides students with an exceptional experience of music education, aiming to achieve a profound artistic appreciation in choral music performance.

Sedbergh Vietnam Choir is organized for students aged 9 and up. The choir seeks to develop the individual talents of each member, committed to providing learning experiences and emotionally charged choral performances.

Our choir provides a healthy, unifying, and confidence-boosting environment, while nurturing self-esteem and personal talent development for every student. We always seek to reflect a positive image of children through developing their choir skills and encouraging them to help each other, while contributing to the local community through performances and other activities.

The choir always tries its best to bring uplifting experiences in music and community engagement, an opportunity for all members to understand the eternal value of art.

The Arts are an integral part of everyday life

The Arts are an integral part of everyday life, permeating all levels of human creativity, expression, communication, and understanding. They range from traditional forms embedded in local and wider communities, societies and cultures, to the varied and divergent practices associated with new, emerging and contemporary forms of visual language.

They may also have socio-political impact as well as ritual, spiritual, decorative, and functional value; they can be persuasive and subversive in some instances, enlightening and uplifting in others. We celebrate The Arts not only in the way we create, but also in the way we appreciate, enjoy, respect, and respond to the practices of art-making by others from around the world.

Theories and practices in The Arts are dynamic and ever-changing, and connect many areas of knowledge and human experience through individual and collaborative exploration, creative production and critical interpretation.

Engaging and challenging music project

At Sedbergh Vietnam, students from grades 3 through 9 enjoy an engaging and challenging music program. To augment vocal music, percussion instruments, ukuleles, and recorders are now an integral part of this robust program, offering students new opportunities to learn to play a musical instrument. Students are experimenting with quality percussion instruments such as tambourines, djembe, African drums, and many forms of marakas as well as a brand new 5-piece drum set.

Each week, students actively participate in 1 period of Music with teacher. We also encourage our students to get together to form groups to share their talents, develop their communication and cooperation skills and create creative and unique music.

Honor cultural values

At Sedbergh Vietnam – BCIS, we often organize competitions to encourage students to celebrate meaningful cultural values and traditions. Through the knowledge learned in class, combined with creative thinking and a spirit of collaboration, the students have shown that they are the future artists of this era.

Mid-autumn Festival

The presentation competition on the Lantern and Paper Fan products as part of the Sedbergh Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 program brought an interesting exhibition with many outstanding works. Behind each creative idea of the students lies messages and stories about the environment, unity, nostalgia, the beauty of Vietnamese culture, spreading love, a desire for peace, or even the diversity of identities within the Sedbergh Vietnam community.

Celebrating 10 years of school establishment

All teachers at Sedbergh Vietnam – BCIS and students together created the next “first artwork” in the series of activities marking the 10th anniversary of the bilingual program at here.

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