Primary Program Overview

Sedbergh Vietnam Primary Curriculum is designed with the combination between MOET, Cambridge Primary program and IPC program. We believe that an ambitious, exciting and innovative curriculum is the best way to prepare our pupils, not only for the remainder of their school and university careers, but for the workplace and life itself.

Primary (Grade 1 – 5)

At Sedbergh Vietnam – BCIS, our primary curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded education for students in their early years and primary school. We prioritize the development of essential skills and knowledge across various subjects, ensuring that students have a strong foundation for their future education.

At every level, we strive to make our pupils independent learners, well-prepared for the next stage in their development.

Our unique curriculum facilitates opportunities for the children to discover, apply and communicate what they have learned at every step. It is more than a list of content to be memorised; it is a scheme of work that promotes active engagement, creativity and independent learning in the classroom. This will prepare pupils for the demands of the modern workplace and the challenges that they will face in later life.

Cambridge subjects that are integrated into Primary Curriculum are Math, Science, English, Art, Music and Drama.

Our Secondary Program

Students continue to learn MOET subjects combined with Cambridge Lower Secondary Curriculum subjects (Math, Science) and English with IMYC. When students reach the upper secondary stage, they have two distinct pathways to choose from. They can opt for the MOET program with an intensive English component, leading to the attainment of the MOET diploma and an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher. Alternatively, they can pursue the Cambridge IGCSE & AS/A-Levels track.