Sedbergh Vietnam – BCIS campus has a total area of 13,000m², a school with modern equipment, serving about 1,500 students that works together with La Phong Cultural and Sports Center (Maple Leaf Center) to provide the best facilities to serve the comprehensive education goals.

Sedbergh Vietnam’s state of the art infrastructure has met the requirements of Cambridge to provide the IGCSE program.


The playground area at Sedbergh Vietnam – BCIS includes top amenities and meets international standards such as:

The swimming pool that meets Olympic standards.
A soccer field, basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court, golf court, tennis court,…
Maple Leaf Center – is a location chosen by the Saigon Heat team as a place to practice and compete.
Markerspace creativity and startup area.

Teaching Facilities

The spacious classrooms and facilities are completed and ready to be used for students’ interaction, discussion, teamwork among students, and teaching.

A laboratory system with imported modern equipment that meets the teaching requirements of the Cambridge international standards.

A modern computer room system with a high-speed Internet connection.

Utility room system dedicated to students’ activities such as swimming pool, student lounge, multi-purpose sports room, stadium, football pitches, music space, cinema, Makerspace…