Vision for Learning

At Sedbergh Vietnam – BCIS, we approach learning as an activity that each individual should pursue throughout life, in order to develop social relationships, and emotional and intellectual skills. We believe that every student has unlimited potential, and our role as educators must be to awaken using different forms of intelligence that spark creativity as well as untapped potential. Rich and authentic learning experiences are used to cultivate innate talents, provide opportunities to pursue interests and passions, both inside and outside of the classroom, and the strive for excellence.

High-Quality Teaching & Learning Environment

Sedbergh Vietnam – BCIS believes the following beliefs about teaching and learning environments. Teacher formed and support these statements as part of their commitment to working with your children.

Positive learning environment (risk-taking, safe to explore) 
Spiraled targeted learning, consistently revisiting and building on core concepts 
Challenging but within the student’s Zone of Proximal Development 
Modeling and visualization to demonstrate skills and create understanding 
High standards for performance that are high and known by students
Real-life application and/or real-life approach 
An active process with opportunities for engagement, reflection, and ownership
Encouraging intrinsic motivation through enjoyment, engagement, autonomy, and success (involve differentiation)
Involves assessment for, as, and of learning


At Sedbergh Vietnam – BCIS, we focus on the comprehensive development of students. Sedbergh Vietnam students have access to high-quality British education while still preserving Vietnamese cultural distinctive. The program of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam at Sedbergh Vietnam ensures knowledge and skills standards, and at the same time is innovated and adjusted in teaching methods to meet the criteria:

Develop independent thinking.
Develop the ability for self-study and self-exploration.
Encourage initiative and creativity.
Update social practices.
Foster leadership skill and global citizenship.
Nurture good qualities and virtues.
Cultivate and develop English skills.
Promote and preserve Vietnamese cultural distinctive.

Nurture the Spirit of Sedbergh

Generations of comprehensive students are nurtured to become better versions every day and inherit the virtues and good qualities from the prestigious 500-year-old British education system: The spirit of beginnings, The spirit of the journey, The spirit of effort, The spirit of competition and loyalty, The spirit of passion and creativity, The spirit of community/family, The spirit of trust and cohesion and the Spirit of adventurers.
– The Spirit of Beginnings
– The Spirit of the Journey
– The Spirit of Effort
– The Spirit of Competition and Loyalty
– The Spirit of Passion and Creativity
– The Spirit of Community/family
– The Spirit of Trust and Cohesion
– The Spirit of Adventurers