The spirit of Sedbergh

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What is the Spirit of Sedbergh?

Generations of students are raised in a comprehensive development environment that helps them improve themselves every day with a variety of knowledge, skills, virtues and good qualities from a prestigious 500-year-old education system in England.

The Spirit of Beginnings – Dare to commit to creating your own path
The Spirit of the Journey – Appreciate and be grateful for each journey you participate in
The Spirit of Effort – Always strive and improve yourself
The Spirit of Competition and Loyalty – Respect and learn from each other’s distinctive and positive points
The Spirit of Passion and Creativity – Dare to explore and excel in infinite creativity
The Spirit of the Community/Family – Nurturing love becomes a solid foundation for every journey
The Spirit of Trust and Cohesion – The power of connection to create achievement
The Spirit of Explorers – Dare to try, conquer milestones to to write your own success

This is the Spirit of Sedbergh Vietnam.