We provide caring, rigorous and engaging learning that builds self-reliance, promotes creativity and rewards hard work. We act with Humility, honour Ambition, teach Resilience and value Kindness.

Our Motto

The essence of British education – With a rich educational history of nearly 500 years, we are proud to bring the most quintessential and excellence to generations of students here. Experience and change are a guarantee of the quality of education that Sedbergh Vietnam – BCIS is committed to provide our students.

Our Mission

At Sedbergh Vietnam – BCIS, we provide caring, rigorous, and engaging learning that builds self-reliance, promotes creativity and rewards hard work.

Our Vision

Prepare to Lead an Extraordinary Life. Explore – Engage – Excel

Our story

We are Sedbergh Vietnam – BCIS, a proud partner with the venerable Sedbergh School in British, whose educational legacy dates back to 1525.
We believe that education must transcend the confines of classrooms, textbooks and lecture halls; that it should be a test for life, not simply a life of tests.
By serving others and embracing challenges that take students outside their comfort zone, we create the accomplished, confident and articulate leaders of tomorrow.
Join us as we embark on this remarkable journey, preparing our students with all the knowledge, skills, experience, and ambition that they need to take their place at the best colleges and universities around the world.

Ways of the Wolf

The wolf is a symbol of teamwork, community cohesion, loyalty, healthy competition, effort, passion, and creativity. Every student at Sedbergh Vietnam is nurtured in Humility, honour Ambition, teach Resilience and value Kindness. At Sedbergh Vietnam, we encourage students to learn and nurture good qualities such as the core spirit of Sedbergh School (British) summed up the HARK and the symbol of the Wolf:

Ambition (positive) – Set clear goals and strive to achieve achievements. We build and encourage students to adopt a growth mindset in everything they do and honor academic excellence.
Collaboration – Appreciate and practice the ability to work effectively with others. We know that the greatest achievements that humanity has achieved are thanks to teamwork and solidarity.
Courage – Sharpen a tough spirit from the inside with a positive attitude of “We can do it when we want”, building a risk-taking mindset and not being afraid of failure.
Creativity – Honor personal distinctive, uniqueness, new initiatives as well as the ability to solve problems in any situation
Kindness – Cultivate kindness, spread kindness, and be willing to help people in necessary situations.
Responsibility – Promote action, ensure credibility with your tasks. We encourage students to constantly practice responsibility as a way to develop themselves and contribute positive values to the community. Among them, awareness and responsibility for environmental protection is one of the top priorities.

High-Quality Teaching & Learning Environment

At Sedbergh Vietnam, our specialist team and education experts always aim to create and maintain a quality teaching environment based on the following criteria:

Establish a positive environment for learning.
Practicing education with learning goals following the spiral model.
Continuously break and challenge students’ limits.
Practice oriented education, modeling and visualization.
Trust and have high expectations for each student.
Cultivate the ability to apply knowledge into practice.
Create a dynamic learning environment where students are the center.
Encourage nurturing & developing internal motivation.
Maintain testing and evaluation as part of the learning process.

Become Global Citizenship

The statement on nurturing Global Citizenship capacity at Sedbergh Vietnam is the first step in the school’s effort to perfect the curriculum of the school system. Through the illustration below, our School wishes to bring to the Sedbergh Vietnam community the definitions of the Global Citizen skills group.

Summer Exchange Program

For over a decade, Sedbergh International Summer School has been attracting international pupils from around the globe.

Accredited by the British Council, we provide a unique summer experience for pupils between the ages of 8 and 17, enabling them to improve their language skills whilst making connections with other pupils from around the world.

Our mission is to ensure each pupil is encouraged to realise their full potential, exploring the limits of their ability whilst learning to thrive outside their own comfort zone. Our dedicated team is committed to providing our pupils with a rich educational experience within an environment that encourages them to flourish, develop existing talents, discover new passions and make life-long friendships in a safe, supportive environment.