Grade 7 – 8

Cambridge Lower Secondary

The Lower Secondary program at Sedbergh is divided into core subject groups, to provide students with in-depth knowledge, broad understanding and practical application ability in many fields. Key subject groups include:

Global Perspectives
Computer Science
Physical Education
Art and Design

Lower Secondary English

The curriculum is structured to facilitate effective teaching of English, with a clear progression in reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. 

Students become confident and inquisitive readers, capable of accessing information and making informed decisions about text reliability. They also develop speaking and writing skills that enable them to express their ideas and feelings clearly and accurately in English. Furthermore, they become skilled communicators adaptable to various purposes and audiences, setting a solid foundation for future study in English Language, Literature, and Drama.

Lower Secondary Maths

Secondary Mathematics is designed to cultivate lifelong analytical and rational thinking enthusiasm. The goals we aim for include:

Comprehensive Understanding
Structured Learning
Creative Thinking
Communication Skills
Technology Integration
Thinking and Working Mathematically

Lower Secondary Science

The secondary Science curriculum is designed to ignite and nurture students’ curiosity about the natural world, fostering a lifelong interest in science. 

It goes beyond rote memorization of facts, emphasizing the development of scientific thinking and inquiry skills. Students are encouraged to explore, question, and investigate the world around them.

The curriculum strongly emphasizes thinking and working scientifically, teaching students to formulate meaningful questions, design experiments, and analyze data. It also emphasizes using models to comprehend complex scientific concepts and principles.

Lower Secondary Global Perspectives

The Secondary Global Perspectives curriculum empowers students with essential skills, fostering their research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration, and communication growth. These skills are invaluable in today’s interconnected world.

Research indicates that the earlier students begin honing these abilities, the more profound the impact on their learning. 

The Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum comprises six Challenges per year, offering flexible integration into existing lessons. Each Challenge spans six hours, featuring various activities to enhance various skills.

Lower Secondary Computer Science

The computer science curriculum offers students an engaging and comprehensive learning experience. This course delves into the inner workings of computers, enabling students to grasp the functions of various components. It emphasizes coding skills through text-based programming languages like Python, teaching students that computers can execute actions based on human instructions.

Throughout the program, students cultivate essential computational thinking skills, which encompass extracting key information from instructions, dissecting complex problems into manageable parts, and recognizing patterns within sequences of instructions. They enhance their ability to precisely articulate and visualize instructions and develop logical thinking to troubleshoot errors in increasingly intricate computing scenarios.

Lower Secondary Physical Education

The Secondary Physical Education curriculum is designed to provide international school students with a holistic approach to physical development and social skills. This program focuses on helping learners develop movement skills and understand how physical education contributes to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Students improve their coordination, flexibility, speed, stamina, and strength Through various age-appropriate physical activities, including games, team sports, gymnastics, and dance. Additionally, they acquire essential social skills such as teamwork, sharing, leadership, collaboration, and fair play.

Lower Secondary Art and Design

he Secondary Art and Design curriculum provides a dynamic platform for students to explore and nurture their creative talents, fostering imagination and the development of essential transferable skills. Through this program, students are encouraged to push the boundaries of their artistic expression, evolving into reflective, critical, and decisive thinkers who can articulate personal responses to their experiences.

Throughout their journey in Art & Design, students will:

Embrace Their Identity as Artists: This curriculum empowers students to view themselves as artists, promoting self-awareness and independence in their creative endeavours.
Cultivate Creative Expression: Students will acquire the skills necessary to convey their imaginative ideas visually, honing their ability to communicate through art.
Global Awareness: The program encourages students to recognize their place and the place of others in a creative, innovative, and interconnected world, fostering a global perspective.

Our Cambridge Primary Curriculum

The Cambridge Primary Program is provided to students from Grades 1-5 (from 5-10 years old). Elementary students acquire diverse knowledge through the Cambridge Program.