Grade 9 – 12

Cambridge Senior Secondary

Teaching and learning is at the core of academic opportunity and success at Sedbergh School. We are proud of our exam results but we always prefer to focus on the individual progress our pupils make. This is represented by independent “value-added” measures which place Sedbergh amongst the top 10% of Schools in the country. We offer a broad curriculum to match the needs of our pupils, rolex datejust replica and we are proud that the vast majority are accepted by their first-choice university.

And we go further, equipping Sedbergh pupils with a breadth and depth of understanding beyond the confines of their classroom learning. Our curriculum offers opportunities for broad academic study in an inspiring and well-equipped learning environment. This experience is then further enhanced by lectures in and out of school, visits, field trips, conferences and workshops and first-class careers advice. There is no doubt that the range of academic and co-curricular opportunities beyond the classroom give Sedberghians the edge when it comes to competing for places at top universities in the UK and around the world.

IGCSE Program (Year 10 – 11)

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education is a two-year course in Years 10-11. They are the world’s most popular international qualification for 14–16-year-olds. Sedbergh Vietnam students follow a tailored pathway based on the Cambridge curriculum to align with each student’s strengths and passion.

Studying a broad range of subjects and building on the subjects studied at lower secondary, these courses lay the foundations for students wishing to study at A-level standards. Students will study a minimum of 5 IGCSEs, including Math and English. During the program, students will gain a deeper understanding of the subjects and develop strong motivation and self-discipline to help them progress academically.

A Levels (Year 12 – 13)

Advanced’ or A Levels are two-year courses taken in years 12-13. As Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) courses, they are widely recognized by universities internationally as high-quality qualifications. A Levels provides a solid foundation for university students and is often seen as equivalent to the first year of university study.

Students are normally required to study 3 subjects, as that is what many universities require and a maximum of 5. The program is extremely flexible, allowing students to focus on the areas that interest them. Normally, the choice of subjects is related in some ways, such as math and science combinations, for those students wishing to pursue a medicine or engineering degree.

While the number of subjects may appear fewer than other programs, the depth of detail students can study gives them a bigger advantage when attending university. They become adaptive and in-depth independent learners, which is critical to success in their future academic studies. The program is well-established and fully supported, with excellent academic resources available.
Sedbergh Vietnam will offer a range of subjects so that students can choose the combination that best suits and delivers their needs.

Our Cambridge Primary Curriculum

The Cambridge Primary Program is provided to students from Grades 1-5 (from 5-10 years old). Elementary students acquire diverse knowledge through the Cambridge Program.