CISS participates in comprehensive educational quality accreditation by Cognia

Starting from April 2023, the Canadian International School System (CISS) has officially joined the comprehensive educational quality accreditation program with Cognia Accreditation Organization (USA). This demonstrates a commitment to improving the quality of education within the system and enhancing opportunities for students applying to top national and international universities.

Cognia is a leading global accreditation organization, owning three recognized Regional Accrediting Agencies of the United States (SACS CASI, NCA CASI, and NWAC), and accredits the quality of over 40,000 schools in 85 countries. 

Cognia’s accreditation is based on four domains of competence (Culture of Learning, Leadership for Learning, Engagement of Learning, and Growth in Learning), that focus schools around a process of continuous school improvement. In K-12 schools, Cognia also evaluates learning outcomes and student progress, learning opportunities; effective teaching, professional training and development, and opportunities for professional advancement.

The accreditation process typically lasts 1-2 years, and the results are valid for five years. During the five-year period between accreditations, the school implements its continuous improvement plans with guidance and monitoring from Cognia.

What benefits will the CISS students gain from accreditation?

With the principle of “Putting students at the center,” students are the primary beneficiaries of school accreditation.

Specifically, the curriculum is evaluated according to international benchmarks, continuously updated, and refined to enhance the teaching and learning experience, promoting high expectations of learners. All programs are rigorously evaluated, diligently assessed, regularly adjusted, and carefully monitored. This ensures that intended learning outcomes align with the mission, vision and values of the school and the aspirations of all stakeholders, including leaders, staff, teachers, parents, and students.

The comprehensive nature of the Cognia accreditation process is designed to promote academic excellence and provide our students with a real competitive advantage when applying to the world’s top universities.

Accreditation plays a vital role in the continuous improvement cycle of a school. Curriculum, programs, services, and activities are evaluated for their efficiency in delivering high-quality learning. This process requires schools to comply with quality management procedures, conduct and analyze surveys, and collect relevant data to drive effective decision-making. Teaching and learning processes are systematically and effectively measured, leading to better learning outcomes and higher student achievement.

Additionally, when a school meets accreditation standards, it becomes a more desirable and attractive working environment for qualified teachers and staff. Cognia offers a comprehensive system of international standards and training programs to enhance the quality of human resources, ensuring that teachers and staff consistently meet high standards in their work while fostering continuous development.

Additional information about Cognia accreditation at EQuest Education Group

On June 17, 2022, EQuest and 8 member units were recognized by Cognia Accreditation Organization (USA) to achieve comprehensive quality accreditation. As a result, Cognia will continue to oversee the development journey of EQuest and its units over the next five years. EQuest is committed to making continuous improvements to meet Cognia’s requirements and is fully prepared to share information and practical experiences with its member units, including the Canadian International School System (CISS).

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