Green Learning Space at Sedbergh Vietnam

Sedbergh Vietnam started implementing the Green School project to green all school spaces to provide a healthy learning environment and contribute to the sustainable development of the SVS community.

“Green” activities have been and are being implemented at SVS:

–  Use energy-saving equipment such as LED lights, efficient air conditioners, and water-saving appliances.

–  Recycle waste, and used products, and reduce waste from learning and teaching activities.

–  Integrating green knowledge, and recycling projects into subjects

–  Building an organic garden at the school campus helps to increase awareness and value of organic agriculture to the SVS community

–  Encourage planting in class and at home to promote green lifestyle practices for students

–  Master knowledge and skills on environmental issues, encouraging the implementation of small environmental protection activities in daily life.

SVS believes that every small action now can make a big contribution to the future of sustainable development, the green world of the SVS community, and the earth.

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