Got Talent season 2 Championship and the story of conquering the Senior category

With a training schedule of 6-7 hours per session, the 9 students of The Hood surpassed more than 10 acts in the Senior category and achieved the championship title in the CISS’s Got Talent – Season 2 program.

Challenging their limits in the field of contemporary folk performance, Sedberghian students directly choreographed, staged and rehearsed together through each movement. The special feature of this dance genre is the expression of deeply personal emotions through the graceful movements of the body.

According to The Hood group, this is not just a performance piece, but also gratitude to every milestone, and every individual who contributed to the glorious history of our nation. Each dance step reflects the profound respect of the students for the sacrifices made by previous generations.

Representing the authorial group “Vu khuc thoi dai”, Gia Kim shared: “The moment when The Hood was announced as the champion still lingers in my mind and that of my teammates. This year’s final had many formidable opponents with impressive work. But perhaps it was the story and the message behind it that helped The Hood win. We are truly grateful for everyone’s love and support for our performance and the whole group.”

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