Preparing for the global future with the Cambridge Program at Sedbergh Vietnam – BCIS

Two years of studying IGCSE serve as a launchpad for students to further develop themselves, shaping their future in higher-level programs such as A-LEVEL. Positioned at the international education stage of high school, students have many advantages as subjects delve deeper into areas they are interested in. Consequently, the results of Cambridge certificates (IGCSE & A-LEVEL) can help students shorten their study time when entering university.

The IGCSE & A-LEVEL Information Day at Sedbergh Vietnam provides parents and students with insights into the pathway of these two international certifications at the school. The subject combinations offered by Cambridge Sedbergh Vietnam offer numerous options tailored to students’ diverse strengths, particularly addressing the trends of the 4.0 era. IGCSE and A-Level classes at Sedbergh are not only theoretical lessons but also venues for practical sessions, activities, and real projects in subjects such as Business, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, etc.

Additionally, studying the IGCSE & A-LEVEL programs at a Cambridge school like Sedbergh Vietnam ensures a high-quality education, equipping young learners with a more solid foundation to achieve their university goals.

Bao Thy, a student in the A-LEVEL program at Sedbergh Vietnam, shares: “My classmates and I have the opportunity to delve deeper into various fields of study, from Technology, Business, Psychology, Global Perspectives to even subjects in the Medical field. Getting acquainted with these subjects early on helps me easily find passions, and choose suitable career paths. The knowledge gained from the curriculum also serves as a foundation for us to develop various other skills and actively participate in community activities.

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