Immerse in the resonant sound of origin on Hung King’s Commemoration

During festivals and significant occasions like the Hung King’s commemoration day, students of Sedbergh Vietnam pay homage to their roots through distinctive community activities. Here, traditional values are expressed by Sedbergh Vietnam students from a modern perspective.

Folk colors – with the gracefulness of ao dai, and the rusticness of ethnic mountainous attire,… – imbue every corner of Sedbergh Vietnam’s multicultural home. This activity involves wearing ethnic costumes instead of school uniforms, initiated by the Student Council.

In the fashion design contest, the cultural imprint of the Hung King era is delicately portrayed through various fashion designs, ranging from minimalist to elaborate designs. Young designers of Sedbergh Vietnam also advocate for innovation and support green living by choosing recycled materials such as newspaper and nylon bags as inspirational materials.

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