Journey of connection in the exploration of the “Wine Capital”

The center of Vietnam always holds many hidden beauties, stimulating the conquering instinct of those who love to experience. The young members of the Wolf House had an interesting “exploration” trip with the unique culture, geography at Ninh Thuan – also known as the “wine capital”.

Students from grades 9-11 together discovered the long-standing cultural heritage of the Champa people – Champa​​ Tower. The trip also created an opportunity for them to immerse themselves in the vibrant ocean ecosystem. No longer the image of urban students, the Wolf students transformed and participated in the local farmers’ activities as they learned about grape cultivation in this area.

The most memorable aspect of the trip is the connection between the members in each activity, especially the moments of joy, laughter, and conversations under the campfire. Happiness and messages of love were also spread by the young through the carefully packed “charity tree pots” as gifts for students in difficult circumstances.

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