Sedbergh Vietnam – Explore the excellence of 500 years of British Education

On the 10th and 11th of May 2024, over 3,000 visitors, including students, parents, and families, visited and experienced activities at the Sedbergh Showcase event held at Crescent Mall. Continuing the mission of bringing opportunities to experience international education to many students, the core values of Sedbergh Vietnam were spread closer to many parents through various beneficial activities at the event.

Sedbergh Showcase provided opportunities for students to showcase their talents and bring valuable values to the community through impressive performances. Confidence and self-assurance in front of the crowd are achievements derived from the process of enhancing capabilities and self-improvement at Sedbergh Vietnam. Representing the spirit of striving, thirst for knowledge, and training is the pursuit of passion story of student Đăng Khôi (Sushi) – the recipient of a full scholarship.

Moreover, Sedbergh Showcase was an occasion for the school to meet many potential young talents revealed through activities throughout the 2 days. Students demonstrated their dexterity, aesthetic sensitivity through creative experiential activities such as making bracelets, painting sculptures, etc. The Golden Bell Arena with tiered questions ranging from basic to advanced about England found many students passionate about learning, proficient in diverse fields of knowledge, and good at judgment.

Exchange and sharing session from Dang Khoi’s (Sushi) family about experiences helping their child develop comprehensively at Sedbergh Vietnam and his journey to becoming the owner of a full Talent Search scholarship.

An exchange session with School Representatives and star coach Từ Hoàng Thông helped families gain an overview of the educational environment focusing on holistic development for students.

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