hiDental is one of the units that Sedbergh Vietnam grade 11 students participate in to experience the High School Career Orientation program.

Unlike their 12th-grade counterparts, the Career Guidance program from grade 11 helps students have a basic perspective on career trends, the main characteristics of each profession, the differences in learning and working environments, etc… Practical experience enriches the “repository” of documents about the professional world of the students. Members of the Wolf House have more clarity about their aspirations and choices, building an effective learning strategy for the final level of education.

hiDental wants to bring each customer the special and different service experience of modern dentistry. Modern machinery and equipment are imported from Europe with luxurious designs, making the treatment process quicker and more comfortable. A strict aseptic process, meeting national standards ensures absolute safety. Luxurious, comfortable, peaceful space with many trees, lakes, and fresh air helps customers feel relaxed like they are in a spa. hiDental uses digital technology to manage customer records, making the treatment process fast, convenient and highly secure.

hiDental always takes quality and customer satisfaction as the focus of all development strategies. With a team of highly specialized dentists and staff with many years of experience, hiDental Clinic is committed to meeting all important factors of oral aesthetics as well as providing customers with the most advanced experiences.

Teachers representing Sedbergh Vietnam – BCIS also visited and interacted with hiDental in the Career Orientation program for grade 11 students. At hiDental, the Wolf House interns not only receive guidance and learn from businesses, but they also receive sharing and encouragement from the School.

Wolf House members have more specific orientations for their senior year, setting the stage for their future personal development journey through a 7-day internship experience. The process brings many intuitive and practical experiences to help students find answers about their interests and suitability for a specific field.

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