1 week of study and work experience at Seesaw Vietnam helps Wolf House students gain more knowledge about the mental health care profession.

Practising work from the high school level is one of the unique activities of the study program at Sedbergh Vietnam. Following the success of previous years’ career internship program, 12th-grade students had the opportunity to explore the career fields they are interested in at Seesaw Vietnam – An enterprise that researches and provides mental health care solutions. through positive psychology and games.

This is an internship unit for students who are interested in the fields of Psychology, Society, Volunteering and Caring for others,…

7 days as an intern is a valuable opportunity for young Sedbergh Vietnam people to discover a bit about the daily pace of the sharing industry and take care of their mental health through many positive practices.

“Leading the way” for future seeds, teachers representing Sedbergh Vietnam – BCIS also visited and interacted at Seesaw Vietnam. During the internship, students are introduced to and guided enthusiastically about this career field. At the same time, 12th-grade students also receive answers and encouragement from the School.

The 7-day experiences contribute to finding answers about the children’s interests and suitability for a specific field. From there, members of the Wolf House have more specific directions for the final stage before entering University.

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