Students share about their experience at Family Day

For the first time, the Canadian International School System CISS is organizing a Green Family Day with the aim of creating meaningful and bonding experiences for parents and children. The Green Family Day will provide an opportunity for children to share their experiences at CISS with their parents, including stories about friends, teachers, and their overall school journey. It will be a joyous occasion where families can come together and  take action on global climate change while creating a sustainable environment for future generations.

What can you experience at Green Family Day?

Create your own unique “imprint” through activities in the creative experience area: watercolor painting, wood sculpture, decorating plant pots,… and creating gifts for family and friends.

Release energy, experience creativity, and bond with family and friends through activities such as sports competitions, mountain climbing, overcoming obstacles, playing ball, giant wheel, and various traditional folk games like sack jumping, hopscotch, and monkey bridge,…

Enjoy a free experience at the Green Food Court, decorate your cupcake, and make ice cream with plenty of toppings.

Build endurance with the Eco Walk competition, explore the cool green routes in District 7, and overcome family challenges together.

Enjoy a whole day with nature through environmentally friendly activities such as green walking, designing green maps,…

Besides, let’s participate in lucky draws with the highest prize – a sports bicycle along with other interesting environmental gifts.

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