Protecting the environment with student Grade 6

Recycling from waste, cultivating environmental knowledge, and giving homemade recycling gifts are how BCIS 6th graders talk about their environmental activism in the English class. 

By reusing spring water bottles as pot plants, Bcisers have created a miniature ecosystem with easy-to-grow plants, gravel, and soil that are alternately arranged so that plants can live in harmony and still create a beautiful garden. The plastic label layer of the bottle was created by the 6th-grade students to decorate the bottom of the bottle.

Each group of students chose a teacher to give away green products after they finished. Although there was much confusion, the children tried very hard to introduce and spread the message behind each potted plant.

The project of making recycled trees also helped them understand and know how to use vocabulary about trees, organisms, and soil with English structures easily. Improving environmental vocabulary is also a unique way to help BCIS students contribute to raising awareness of green living.

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