Revealing the most outstanding “Bees” ar Spelling Bee contest for Secondary students

After passing through drawn dramatic qualifying rounds, the Spelling Bee contest for secondary school students officially ended with an impressive spelling of contestants from grades 6, 7, and 8. The keen deduction abilities, vocabulary analysis, and quick reflexes of the final contenders left the audience in the auditorium in awe.

The concentration, calm, and confidence helped these strongest “bees” secure convincing champions in the competition:

🐝 Viet Quang (Harry) – Grade 6

🐝 Minh Tien (Jamie) – Grade 7

🐝 Trung Freddie – Grade 8

The Wolf community congratulates the amazing results of these three contestants.

Simultaneously, Sedbergh Vietnam – BCIS expresses gratitude for the efforts of all students involved in this season’s Spelling Bee competition for middle school students. We hope this will serve as motivation for them to continue striving, nurturing their love for language and learning. See you all at future competitions!

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