Saigon Debating Championship 2023

The First National Debating Championship Organized by BCISer

Saigon Debating Championship 2023 – SDC 23 – is the first national debating competition organized by Sedbergh Vietnam – BCIS Debating Club. The tournament took place in Sedbergh Vietnam – BCIS attracting over 200 participants from all over Vietnam.

The competition also welcomed a panel of experienced judges and experts in the field of debating, as well as champions and coaches from various national and international debating competitions.

Throughout the three days, the debaters showcased their skills, sharp perspectives, and extensive knowledge on diverse topics that are currently of great concern worldwide, such as environmental protection, climate change, population, food, and tourism.

The Saigon Debating Championship is not only a beneficial playground but also an opportunity for secondary school students who are passionate about debating to interact and connect. Each individual has chance to enhance communication reflexes, critical thinking, analytical abilities, and debating skills, especially in terms of respecting differences and maintaining an open-minded attitude toward opposing viewpoints. Moreover, it provides a valuable occasion for participants to learn from experts in the field of debating in Vietnam.

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