Sedbergh Vietnam – BCIS participates in the evaluation of Educational Accreditation from the MOET

Official survey by the External Evaluation Team of the Department of Education and Training on educational quality accreditation at Sedbergh School Vietnam

After a period of implementing self-assessment of educational quality according to the requirements and instructions of the Ministry of Education and Training as well as the City Department of Education and Training. HCM regarding educational quality accreditation, the School has completed the final steps in the educational quality assessment assessment process.

Official survey by the external assessment team of the City Department of Education and Training. HCM takes place in 02 days, March 14-15, 2024 at Canadian International Primary – Secondary – High School including activities such as surveying facilities, researching evidence documents and related documents about management system, interviewing opinions of relevant parties, as well as working with staff and managers in charge of expertise.

Through quality accreditation activities, we has a clearer view of the quality of training, thereby orienting to improve and enhance educational effectiveness, as well as long-term development orientation in the future.

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